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Meet Our Staff

Music Director

Norma Witt

For Norma T Witt, music is a passion.  Whether it be Southern gospel to classical or jazz to blues; it can be relaxing and comforting.

When she was in third grade, she would pretend she was playing the piano on her parents kitchen table.  After about six months, her dad said he thought it was time for a piano.  She started lessons and continued through her 10th year in high school.  The last two years, she added organ lessons.  She thanks her mom and dad for giving her the opportunity to play instruments and sing.

She started her young career as a 12-year-old pianist at Stone Memorial Christian Church.  She got to play alongside the organist and for the choir.

Then she went to Mount Hermon Church of the Brethren as an organist and pianist for the choir.  Also, she became a hand-bell ringer later in her time as a member there.

After becoming a single parent of two teenagers, she accepted a job at Pleasant Grove Christian Church as their music director and youth leader.  That was a time in her life that her music definitely helped her get through her next five years.

Then the Lord called her back to Mount Hermon Church of the Brethren.  That is the place she connected with her long time friend that soon became her husband and worked mainly with the adult choir.

After her daughters were grown and married, and she became a widow in 2007, she decided to stop one evening at Howard and Jean's house...to see if they had a music director yet.  Jean informed Norma they were putting an ad in the newspaper that Sunday.  So, Norma got a resume to her on that Sunday...and that started wheels turning. Norma was nervous because she was stepping out of her comfort zone. She thought she didn't know anyone at First Baptist Church Ridgeway.  But, she says in her own words, "First Baptist Ridgeway is the most welcoming church I have experienced.  I felt like I was 'one of you.'"  Her daughters are so supportive.  Even her youngest, Tonya, who still attends Mount Hermon.

She hopes her tenure with First Baptist Church Ridgeway is FOREVER.  She is growing in her spiritual walk with the Lord and is having fun with the music program. Norma had this to say about the music program, "Choir, kids and adult handbells---you rock!  Congregation--you rock!"


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